Sharing Your Wishes

Have you ever wanted to share a special message, just not immediately?

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Maybe you had low battery, was busy, or simply forgot…

Send tomorrow’s LifeWish TODAY!

You can also delete your LifeWish before it arrives…

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Your recipients will be notified even if they don’t have LifeWish on their device!

Why LifeWish?

As the world keeps moving faster, our most important thoughts, desires, and messages are getting caught in the whirlwind of instant message and email accumulation. Give your wishes the importance they deserve!

All-in-1 View

Your LifeWish keeps all media, text and attachments in a single, friendly display to view and store your dreams forever


Your message will only be shared between you and your recipient

Time Selection

Flexible time and dates can be selected to send your LifeWish now, or whenever you feel it should be received


Our encryption algorithm guarantees only you and your recipient can view each message's contents, not even us!


You have complete ownership on each of your LifeWishes you have sent. You control the existence of your LifeWish for all parties


Add your text, audio, image, and video message to each of your LifeWishes