Frequent Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Does LifeWish collect Data?

Only the basic information required for the App to work and send LifeWishes between users. For Apple, and Google logins, review their terms and conditions policies.

Our website doesn’t collect any user data.

See further details on our Terms and Conditions section.

Can I report any Abuse?

User abuse can be reported inside the app within the sidebar Report Abuse option.

You can also send us an email to:

LifeWish Safety

All LifeWishes and their content are P2P encrypted. We can’t control their content. You are the owner of each LifeWish for all its lifetime.

Can I delete a Scheduled LifeWish?

Yes, you can find it in the My LifeWishes menu, and delete it from there. It won’t be sent to any party and will be deleted within your App.

Can I sent a LifeWish to Multiple Parties?

Currently not, as LifeWishes are intended to be an important message between 2 people.

Can I Update a Scheduled LifeWish?

Scheduled LifeWishes will appear with a Clock Icon in My LifeWishes box. Clicking it will open them for editing. Updating any of its parameters (scheduling, text, attached media), will update the LifeWish to its new values.

Does LifeWish share Data?

Our collected data is only used inside LifeWish. We do not share, sell, gift data with other third parties.

See further details on our Terms and Conditions section.



Can Someone Without the LifeWish App receive my LifeWishes?

Yes, and no. That person would be notified through the channel you sent your message through (phone, email), but still requires to download the App, complete its security sign in process to be able to open your LifeWish! This guarantees no one else than your recipient will open your message.

Can I control the Privacy of my LifeWishes?

Yes, you are the complete owner of your LifeWishes. You can delete LifeWishes that have been sent already to your recipient’s Received LifeWishes box, even if they have been opened and read. They will be deleted from their end as well.

Can I forward a LifeWish?

No. LifeWishes are intended to be personal communications between 2 parties. Any content required to be forwarded must be downloaded and sent as a new message.

Is deleting multiple LifeWishes Possible?

Yes: If done within your My LifeWishes, they will also be deleted in the receiver’s end and they will receive a notification. If done within your Received LifeWishes, they will only be deleted from your end. 

Any other feedback?

Feel free to email us, contact us through the App or any of our social media channels!